BiB tells me to equip a 265 Legion legendary, instead of 340 mythic item?

Below is a screenshot.

I get the 3 sockets can be very powerful, but I doubt this to be correct (haven’t done the math, but still it seems a little bit off…)
The change will give me
-82 Int
-32 Crit
-88 Haste
+160 Mastery

-137 Stamina
-106 Armor

It seems a bit unplausible to me that 160 mastery is better than 82 main stat and 120 other secondary stats.
I would appreciate someone looking at this with me because this seems weird xD
The movement speed trait I get from it would be AMAZING for M+, but as it disabled at 116, it doesn’t work.
Is AMR considering that trait maybe, because then I would understand the reasoning :stuck_out_tongue:

Might be worth trying what I like to call a ‘naked reset’.

  • Clear all saved sets in your character screen, in-game.
  • Unequip all gear, except Heart of Azeroth.
  • Export the data string here & re-run BiB.
  • Export the BiB string & see if you get the same setup.

Might sound an odd way to go about it, but it can sometimes clear odd findings.