BiB tips to configure a Solo strategy?

Is there an article or setting that would help me configure Best in Bags for solo use, such as Horrific Visions or questing?

For example, I’d like the simulator to not assume any group buffs, to use short fight lengths with brief interludes in between (i.e., so cool downs will not be available for some fights), to assign positive value to increased stamina and other toughness/self-healing buffs, to not assume there will be others to help with i.e. Void Ritual proc rate, and that I will either need to be tanking all damage from the mobs, or using movement and/or other character abilities to mitigate it.

You could make an additional setup and customise the traits and stats to suit.
If you run a simulation you can tell it which buffs you’ll have, although there’s no specific setting for Void Ritual or taking damage. If you really wanted to run a sim with Void Ritual having a lower proc chance you’d need to make a clone of your class’ wiki and edit it there, then choose your modified version for the simulation. I doubt there’s much point in doing that though.

You haven’t said which class/spec, if you say that I’m sure some people can provide insight to what they think will help with doing the visions solo.

For solo gameplay as Vision or questing, i generally use the MM+ gearing from AMR. Because as a shadow priest i often pull 4-5 mobs sometime more and blast them with focusing Iris.

So i would possibly run some simulation with very small fight (smaller duration) and the MM+ script.

I’ve had trouble making any headway with this. Using custom simulator configs for gearing gets me “the method or operation is not implemented” which I gather from previous threads is expected since this feature was discontinued some time in 8.2. The minimum fight length for the mythic plus boss script is 240 seconds. I haven’t found any place to give a stat weight to stamina or otherwise indicate that I care about how much damage I can take.

I know the traditional focus for AMR has been raiding and maybe mythic plus, but with Horrific Visions as a start now and I believe more meaningful solo content to come in the next expansion, maybe explicit support for this kind of scenario could be nice value add in future Robot versions?

Bit of a necro here, but I wanted to say that as a Guardian Druid, I’m basically setting a preset to M+ all offense and I’m quite happy with the results.

Yes, it would be nice to have the solo option fully researched though.