BiBnot suggesting unholy set for feral

BiB wanting me to use damage domenation gems over using unholy set when I have everything for the unholy set with the leather helm. This is for feral in SoD raid.

Snapshot ID

Yeah, something is not working there with the optimization. We’ll look into it and fix it up. I checked in the simulator and simulations definitely show the set bonus being much higher DPS, so it’s an issue with the optimizer, not the simulation data.

Ahhh glad to hear. Was a tad annoying having to use SIMc then lock pieces in on AMR. Thanks for the reply. Do you have an estimate on when the fix might be pushed?

In the next couple of days hopefully. As you can see on the forum we’re dealing with a ton of TBC items right now because we just released it. We want to get all of those fixed up before people’s free trials run out. Gem optimization is extremely difficult (even though the answer is often obvious to a human), so they are unfortunately some of the harder bugs to fix.

Thanks. I will continue to use raidbots for now and use AMR so I can quickly swap gear and talents.

If you need another testing point I’ve got a snapshot for you:

7,354 DPS BiB result.
7,831 DPS putting my other two Unholy shards in.

I posted an update that should resolve this issue. If you see it happen again, let me know – there is some kind of caching going on that I think I have fixed, but it is being stubborn and popping back up on me sometimes.

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