Big Difference in Sim Sites

OK, ive been a member for a long time and I was told to try simc and see what that is like in conjuntion with raid bots

This is my sim from raid bots
Raidbots (Basically apparently not best in slot 760k dps)

This is the sim from ask
Not Available (same gear as above 690kdps)

This is a sim from beotorch (760k dps)

And finally this is your best in slot sim
Not Available (703kdps)

so my question is why is simc showing better ranking dps scaling and why is your BIB nearly 60k lower? All the settings as far as im aware are the same.


You’re simming against Patchwerk fight in Simcraft, which is an approximation of a single target fight but doesn’t really accurately portray any real fight in WoW. In real fights, for example, you have to move for mechanics and make mistakes in your rotation or don’t use an ability exactly on CD (I’m assuming you’re not a robot :wink: ). Anytime you are dealing with mechanics or getting back on track with your rotation, you’re losing DPS, which is why the DPS shown in Simcraft sims is unrealistically high (particularly when using the Patchwerk fight style setting). AMR’s scripting more accurately portrays the fights (as it’s based on real data from Warcraft Logs) as well as allowing you to adjust settings to more accurately model your particular setup, if you choose to.

OK thanks for the reply, what about the difference in gear then the best in bags for instance?

Again this is a guess: the Krosus script models the bridge breaking and this means you have 6 seconds where you are running each time. I’d assume that would account for the DPS loss there.

You can read a info about that script here.

Your biggest difference is you didn’t use the same consumables at raidbots used. Unfortunately those settings are quite hidden in the raidbots report… but if you dig into it, it is using:

Potion of the Old War
Haste food
Augment rune

If I use those settings, and then use the Target Dummy - DPS script (which is a “patchwerk” style fight where you start in melee range, so lose zero time closing distance to boss, as simc does, which is very unrealistic), here is what I get:

Not Available (763k DPS)

You will see that our rotation is slightly better than simc’s in this case, but close enough to be considered equivalent probably.

With the same consumable settings but fighting Krosus, here’s what I get:
Not Available (719k DPS)

So you see that real movement and positioning in a fight has a significant impact.

As solanis pointed out, we consider the type of simulations that simc/raidbots do to be of little interest… they are good for debugging simulators, but not really that good for picking gear or estimating actual in-game performance.

With ToS, we’re going to model even more of the bosses and move entirely to basing our theory on the actual bosses for current content, as well as adding some features so that you can quickly generate gear sets for multiple boss types and switch between them in-game.

I notice that I didn’t post simulations with the proper settings using the best-in-slot solution you provided above:

Training dummy/patchwerk:
Not Available (778k DPS)

Not Available (733k DPS)

So you can see that our recommendation is significantly better in both cases.

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thanks for the reply very informative