BiS adding Unity and Radiantr embers / prot pally


So, I play prot and when I’m doing content on my own I normally use the mythic+ all dps strategy. When I use BiS I get Unity and Radiant Embers. here are screensots, first is the setup second is the result.

I realize that the screenshot shows Unity as locked but i unlocked it and re ran and got the same result.

BiS is only going to be kind of working until we finish all the data for Tuesday’s update. Sorry for the temporary weirdness on the site. We have to update it a little early so we can use the global network to create data.

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Thanks for the reply and the hard work you put into the site!

For 10.0 we’re going to work on a way to hopefully do these updates without messing with the live version of the site at all. It’s one of those things we’ve never quite been able to pull off because it takes a lot of extra work, but we want to make it possible.