BiS and Legandary

Hi everyone, I’m a bit confused. When I set BiS to mostly DPS, this legandary comes. 44a34872008f4c5e8b9566e44d210198.
However, if I change the Legendary, even on mostly DPS in the SIM the Legendary I selected is better in everything.
DPS TANK and HEAL. How can that be?
Thanks for Help :slight_smile:

Best in SLOT is an idealistic snapshot of having all the best gear available to make one “perfect set” of gear - it’s best used for a long-term plan of what gear to get.

A more realistic gear evaluation would be Best in BAGS combined with Upgrade Finder to find what would be the best Legendary to get ‘now’.

That said, did you mean Best in BAGS at the beginning of your post…?

hey thanks for the quick reply. no I really mean Best in SLOT. even without a Sim, you can see that the score with the Legendary I’ve chosen is better than what AMR suggests to me. so the first snapshot is with the proposed and the second with the one I selected.

as an addendum. with my druid I have the same problem. my current legendary makes more TUF DMG and HEAL in SIM than the BiS legendary which suggests AMR to me.

Those two items are very close to each other in performance. Can you link the simulations you were doing? It looks to me like this choice by the optimizer is a good choice - well within any reasonable margin of error.

huhu :slight_smile:
BW - Report ( AMR Choice
DR - Report ( Choice by my self
i hope thats right :slight_smile:

So, they’re the same for toughness - but Divine Resonance does more damage. I’ll look into why Divine Resonance isn’t ranking higher for DPS.

I’m not able to re-create the result that you are showing.

I loaded your BiS setup with divine resonance locked in and got this result:
6,219 DPS

I then unlocked the legendary and loaded the BiS which uses bulwark and got this result:
6,436 DPS

For a “mostly dps” BiS set, this looks like a reasonable thing for the optimizer to do.

Looks like the Divine Resonance sim from the OP has Potion/Flask/Food/Rune enabled where the other one does not, which would explain the disparity.

tabu34 you´re right :slight_smile: thanks to all for help me :slight_smile: