BiS bug probably?

So I have set the neck has 3 sockets by defaults.
somehow this page doesn’t have 3 sockets add up by defaults, I have to manually add them up myself, and it’s not suggesting a better one after I add the sockets.
snapshot id: c751695e278c4af78de56ad38694cb55

Screenshot 2023-05-07 210410

Yeah got something fuzzy also in BiS with necks :
Maybe a different issue it want to keep the lariat and not upgrade it compare to anything else

Maybe a completly different issue but sound linked

You have limited the optimizer quite a bit with a custom stat priority and forcing pure haste gems, etc. It is adding 3 sockets to all tested neck items, they simply aren’t scoring higher. If you disable your custom stat priority and gem/enchant options, you’ll see it picks a higher ilvl neck.

We may need to tweak the custom stat ratio settings a bit with the new tier of content – it is quite difficult to strike a good balance with that feature where the user’s custom stat priority is fighting against our estimates of the overall value of gear.

Yours is a different issue… BiS does not try every combination of stats on crafted gear, it defaults to one reasonable choice based on your spec right now. The one you happen to have equipped has a better scoring stat combo than the ones it is trying. We could look into adding a setting for this similar to what is on the upgrade finder.

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