BiS Demon Hunter DPS

Hi there,

I simulate BIS with askmrrobot for my dh dps and i am surprise of the result
Mastery > Hast > Crit > Versa and only 2 set.
Something wrong?

Thank you

I need more information to respond to this. You can use the “help” link directly above the gear table to create a snapshot and post that for us. With that I can see what you are seeing.

If i could try and follow up on this one as i feel like that it is trying to stack Mastery where ( and i could be wrong ) it should be 1. Haste > 2. Versatility > 3. Critical Strike and Avoid Mastery as much as possible.


Our data for that build finds mastery to be one of the best stats. I don’t see an issue with the optimization - it follows the simulation results.