BiS does not recommend any domination set bonus


BiS picks five domination slots but doesn’t equip all three of any shard type.

We’re working on this issue - something really weird is going on with some sort of caching that is making the score of the set bonus not get factored in.

Thanks for the update, I had a question about this as well. I’m looking forward to this working correctly and appropriately taking into account bonuses within the Upgrade Finder as well. As a tank I’m split between blood and unholy dom socket bonuses now that logs are available showing Blood Link on tanks doing massive damage.

The domination set bonuses should be working now.

I’m working on some ideas for dealing with it in the upgrade finder… dealing with set bonuses is always tricky in a ranked list, and the shard bonuses add some extra complexity because you can move them around between items.

You could also try the “Add to my bag” search – that will probably work better with handling these set bonuses. That might end up being the best approach in general, we’ll see.