BiS doesn't grey out items I have

Both Legs and Trinket 2 are the same as the right side. These rows shouldn’t be highlighted, right?

Snap: debfce3c005240c4baeb3ae26c3dc60a

With Best in Slot, often the items we put in the default lists of items have different bonus IDs than those you find in-game… there are lots of variations that the game produces. Sometimes it isn’t entirely clear what the bonus IDs do.

We can try to add some different checks for identity on items for Best in Slot.

I hope you can find a solution with all the variation, because it gives a much nicer look on how far progress you’re with your BiS, which is fun to see.


In the next update we should have some improvements for this.

Short version: when we import your gear from the addon, we send over the exact “bonus IDs” that Blizzard attaches to each item. These bonus IDs can modify the item to its different variants: heroic, mythic, change ilvl, change quality, change required player level, appearance – pretty much anything.

But… there are usually a lot more bonus IDs than are functionally necessary. For example, we don’t care about appearance changes. So we filter those out.

But… it appears that many of these items are coming in with “functional” bonus IDs that are also redundant, in good Blizzard fashion. For example, your trinket is an epic item that required level 70 – it appears that way in Blizzard’s database that we extract. But… they also attach bonus IDs that say… this is an epic item that requires level 70. Our item lists never include redundant bonus IDs, so we need to strip those out as well to make them match.

The only reason that I can think for Blizzard to do this is to protect themselves from themselves: if someone were to modify the base item in their database one day to be rare instead of epic… the bonus ID would force your item to stay epic. (But if they did that… who can say whether they intend everyone who owns the item to see it as rare now and then the bonus ID would actually be a huge pain for them. So who knows.)

(As another aside, the bonus IDs you see in our site in tiny text at the bottom of the item tooltips aren’t the actual Blizzard bonus IDs. We map them to our own bonus IDs because the real ones are such a mess. It is not uncommon for an item to have 2, 3, or even 4 bonus IDs that all modify item level… and we have to code priority rules to figure out what final item level they really intended. We think that’s dumb and we sanitize the bonus IDs such that there can only ever be one bonus ID on an item that modifies item level.)

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Snap: fb5e65864abf41fead04b0c9a7b6abb4

I believe it’s better, but there’s still room for improvement. :slight_smile: My Main Hand weapon in the snap should be dimmed.

Also, as a side note, the BiS wrist want me to remove the enchant.

Yeah there are all those titles on the weapon – usually that’s just cosmetic, but there could theoretically be edge cases that come and go where it implies different behavior in-game. We probably are not going to go through every title and flag which might imply a potentially functional difference.

I’ll see about the wrist enchant… probably something to do with the locking (and the locked item is a slightly different variant than the one you have equipped, so it’s not removing your enchant, it’s just not putting one on for whatever reason… probably because the wrist enchants don’t really matter for most cases). Just lock in the enchant that you want for now.