BiS doesn't select Mythic tier pieces

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All tier pieces by AMR in BiS are Heroic 6/6. I got a Myth 1/4 from M+ 18 Vault today so surely should the current settings be able to do Myth tier pieces with 4/4 in BiS?

Best in Slot does not look at your inventory. It only looks at what is currently equipped on the loaded character, and then the general lists of items you have allowed via your filters. Your current filters exclude mythic raid gear.

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I really believe this is a bug. With my current settings, BiS should have “Mythic” tier pieces available. Because:

  1. They can drop from M 18+ Vault
  2. M 18+ Vault loot can be catalysted into a “Mythic” tier piece.

As it is right now, I have to select Mythic Raiding in my BiS, but that will get me a lot of gear I never will obtain. Another work around is to equip all my “Mythic” tier pieces before using BiS, which is a hassle and requires me to have all five pieces before this work around works.

Well, it’s not a bug - sounds like a feature request. You’d like there to be a setting to include tier pieces obtained from catalyst in the BiS list, separate from the raid source.

But there is a “Mythic+ Level” source as well on AMR, which I have set to “Mythic 20 Vault”. If gear is available in-game for “Mythic 18 Vault” and higher, but isn’t available on AMR so is it a bug in my humble opinion.

Game loot table for M+ 18 Vault:
Fancy Boots
Glorious Ring
Tier Pieces

AMR loot table for M+ 18 Vault:
Fancy Boots
Glorious Ring

As a user of AMR, I assume that AMR loot tables are the same as in-game. If I choose “Mythic 18 Vault” on AMR, I assume it is the same loot table as in-game.

This piece of tier of mine was in my M+ vault. Not from a catalyst.

The Mythic+ Level option is to control the item level of gear that drops in Mythic+ dungeons. It is not implemented as a way to also include anything that might show up in the vault right now.

We could look into adding an option to always include tier items in the list though, since there are many ways to get them.

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That would be awesome if you could, since that would satisfy my need. Thank you.