BiS doesn't suggest Awakened trinket

Snapshot ID: e2f1bcc60ba84671b7584cf75d5185dd

BiS suggest Neltharion’s Call to Suffering ilvl 528, when ilvl 535 is possible (mine is still only on 522 though). Voice of the Silent Star is correctly suggested as ilvl 535 though.

Also, side note, I have the BiS feet suggested, but it isn’t marked. I know this is a common problem I have wrote about in the past and that it’s something about a lot of possible IDs or something like that. But could you add the missing ID for the boots so it shows correct for me? Thanks.

You have Mythic Aberrus excluded, so the optimizer cannot choose the ilvl535 version.

I’ll see if I can make the bonus IDs match… one of them is kind of dumb (it has a bonus ID changing its bind type to BoP… but the item is already BoP), so I can probably throw it away when we import from the game.

The other is the title… generally it is safe to ignore titles when checking items for equality… but I’d have to make sure there aren’t any weird exceptions where we might use the title as an indicator for different behavior.

Yeah, I don’t play mythic raids. But they are easily available with the currency Antique Bronze Bullion, even for LFR players.

So I guess there need to be an option to include Bullion items, or just add them into the pool. Or, which should solve a lot of issues I have with BiS, is just to include the items in my bags.

We could probably add an option to include bullion items for BiS… it’s a little bit of a pain because they use a different upgrade track, and they can start to overlap with the raid filters. We generally try to keep the item lists from getting junked up with too many variants of the same item.

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Think I found a work-around. I have enabled all Mythic Raid gear in BiS, and then so do I exclude any gear suggestion that I won’t ever acquire from said Mythic Raids. This seems to have gotten me “bullion” gear at the correct ilvl in BiS.