BiS doesn't tell me to upgrade ring

Snap: 68964a636aed4b1c902b817534330ca3

Another one, doesn’t replace my helm. Quite sure a heroic 6/6 would be better.

Snap: 36967ddfc92a407ab79e48a7d0635e71

I’ll take a look… your filters are giving it a hard time on the first one. You have filtered out any source of a better ring, and also the source of your current ring. I may need to add a case to also try modified versions of your equipped gear.

The second case I’m not sure – probably another filtering issue. Looks like maybe you created that helmet via the catalyst, so wonder if that is causing a conflict with the filters.

Aha, I thought that all gear I had equipped/bags/bank always was included as a source.

That’s correct, that helmet with a socket was created via the catalyst.

We did an update yesterday – I think these issues should be resolved if you give it another try.

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