BIS for enhance shaman is off big time

Ok, just like it says it is off big time showing that uncertain reminder is bis when it is not. Smoldering heart is ahead by a good 100k dps in sims. Also shows that satyr is best enchant for neck. Again it isn’t claw is better on the sims by almost 3k dps. Also, showing that sephuz’s secret is bis, but when you sim with eye of twisting nether its a better sim.

Is this going to get fixed soon? Because this is way way off for bis and stuff.

In order to actually pick Best in Slot legendary items, we have to calculate a lot more gearing strategies, which we are in the process of doing.

For now you need to think of it as:
“Best in Slot for the two legendary items the current gearing strategy was made for.”

The Enhancement default gearing strategy was made for akainu’s and eye.

Ah ok ok. Any time frame when the rest are going to get put up?

Hopefully in the next couple weeks. We’re working through the bugs in the global network so that we can kick off all these calculations.