BIS for Generic Characters

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Wanted to see what a Generic Devestation Evoker looked like in BIS LFR gear. Specifically put no m+, no crafted, no enchants, no gems, etc…

But it is still showing heroic raid gear, with crafted and enchants.

Seems to work well on “real” characters, but also tried on different generic characters, wasn’t working properly.

It’s because the generic character already has that gear equipped, so it doesn’t want to remove it to downgrade because that’s weird. What you can do is click on each slot and search “lfr” and it will at least show you the best items for that slot from there.

so its making you do it the hard way lol

For a generic character, yeh. To be fair though, using just LFR doesn’t really give a ton of gear options.

Well you can’t even do lfr and m15 options, due to the preset gear choices. Have to do 15Vault inorder to actually see changes. This is more of a maybe we change the starting ilvl gear on generic toons if thats the issue

The generic characters serve other purposes.

If you want to do BiS for really low gear levels, just load a character with no gear equipped. It’s easy enough to make a “naked” equipment manager set in-game.

yea but then you actually have to have the class at lvl 70, it was more of me looking to see what a toon would look like if i lvled it up just for lfr and m+

So what is the purpose of Generic characters then since their ilvls are starting fairly high?

And does anyone have a fresh 70 evoker that can link the in game addon so i can play around with, cause i just realize theres no more option to use off the armory either.

The generic character is just an example to start from that represents something generally appropriate for current content.

Make a level 1 evoker. Export to the website. Press the menu button by character name, change level to 70. Then you should be able to view whatever you want.

I know that’s not the most convenient thing if you are doing this a lot, but lower-level BiS is only kind of interesting in the first place. You can definitely do it following these steps and we support it, but it isn’t a main use case so we haven’t worried about making it really streamlined.

The reason is that at lower gear levels it is really easy to get upgrades… the idea of “BiS” is less valuable because you don’t need this very specific “wish list”… you can just go play and get more gear whenever you want.

A far more interesting use case at lower gear levels is the Upgrade Finder or Best in Bags – I just played for a bit and got a bunch of gear, so tell me the best thing to equip right now before I go play again and get more gear.

If you are at a higher gear level where loot is harder to obtain… maybe you want to plan ahead a bit more. Though I still think the “greedy” approach to gearing is superior at all gear levels. It’s almost always better to do more damage right now than hold out for something specific that could take you weeks to obtain (and that randomness could make take longer).

And another point: BiS based on a generic character is far less interesting than based on your own character. We think it is always better to think about things in the context of your actual character. From that perspective, it makes sense for BiS to never go worse than what you already own!

well to be fair, i just said i wanted to mess aroudn and look at what it would recommend with those parameters. still need 2 lvl up, not actually trying 2 get those specific pieces lol. Though on our last point about nvr making BIS to go worse than what you already own well yea but a generic character is not a character “you own”. I also would think most people would see normal raid gear as the average or
“represents something generally appropriate for current content.” though thats just off the top of my head. no idea how fast the average raider gets to heroic content.

Also, woot yea the menu button by the name and switching the lvl did the trick. Thx.