Bis gear for lower level twinks

I am currently twinking some level 20 characters and I would like to see some features from Ask Mrrobot for twinking characters.
I would really like to see “BIS gear” for twinking characters.
Is this possible?
When I try to find BIS gear I am getting this message "


Best in Slot is only designed for max-level characters. Please load a level 60 character, or use one of our generic charact"

You are probably aware that there is a big community who are twinking their characters at lower levels?

You are correct that we do not support low level characters at this time. We don’t have any plans on the table right now to add support for low level characters.

The gear optimization problem for low level characters is not very complex, so we haven’t ever spent much time focusing on it.

That said, you can use Best in Bags on a low-level character, just not Best in Slot. It should give a decent result, even though the optimizer isn’t explicitly designed for low level characters. The main thing you’ll have to handle yourself are trinket procs on low-level items that we don’t model.

AMR is also focused on optimising for PVE. They don’t optimise for PVP, since there is no fixed encounter that they can simulate, as PVP is much more variable than what happens in PVE.