BiS Guardian Druid ring recommendations?

When I go to look at my bis its telling me that a ring drops from the new world boss called ring of deceitful rumors,but when you look for that item in game its not on the loot table. I have not seen anything on google suggesting it was taken it out for some reason. When you go to Wowhead and look for the item it says that it may have been removed from game? Just looking for an explanation because it is making hard to figure out my rings for me.
Thank you for the help. Have a good day stay safe!

Which new World Boss; I’m not aware that there have been any more added since 8.3.

You’re right, apparently on the PTR there was another ring suspected to drop from Grand Empress Shek’zera - but that ring never made it to live servers and has since been removed completely. Depending on when AMR got their item data that ring may have been in there still and now appears on the site - although I’m sure they’ll fix that quite quickly now. :wink:

For now, you could just click on that ring to open the item selection window and use the block icon to the right to exclude that item. After that AMR will no longer recommend using it and will suggest the next best ring.

We can remove that item in the next update.

Thanks for clearing that and the tip on how to get around that!