BiS improvements - Suggestion!

Super quick, super easy. I miss being able to select an item level for gear previewed in the BiS section of your site. Currently you have the option to select by M+ level, but where this falls short is that if I want to compare future upgrades to my current gear – for instance if I have a M13 sword and I want to see how much of an improvement the M15 version will be, or see how big a DPS increase different corruptions provide across Mythic levels, it’s very hard to do this.

In versions past, you were able to select an item level for individual items, and it would immediately update against the rest of the item pool so you could see the percentages. I’d love that feature back on a per-item basis, rather than simply a setting for the entire pool.

And by all means, having a filter like that that immediately updates the entire pool to a specific M+ level is still a very handy tool for other applications.

Click that to modify an item to any available variant and re-rank it.

You can also use the upgrade finder to do a lot of convenient comparison of different versions of items, e.g. look at the M+ weekly cache version of all drops based on the highest M+ you cleared that week.

Let me know if that is what you were looking for.

Sure, so when I click that, I see this:

Notice that there is no way to adjust the individual item’s level. Also notice that there are only 430 and 415 options for this weapon. As far as I can tell, I cannot compare higher level versions of this item unless I uniformly update the Mythic+ level for every item across the board.

Previous to this, I could adjust the item level of any individual selection and see how it relates to the group. This could be really useful for seeing how an item that titanforged (previously) compared to the existing BiS list.

Am I missing something?

I see – yeah even though you can’t actually titanforge those items anymore… we could let you in the item picker so you could play around with it.

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