Bis in bags and gear check not the same outcome

When I use the best in bags and then check with gear check its not the same outcome.
Which one is the correct for best optimized char ??
My string is here.
78;EU;Tarren Mill;Softwaree;Semper Danica;9;2;120;54;3:175,13:150,12:26,11:175;3;.s1;13;;;.s2;14;3211122;;.s3;15;1213123;0.12.2;.q2;158075s2b1576b3356b1b1383;1163s3b-4729b3188b11b635b27a288164a-8310a-15867a4612a-4621;6s1b-3861b3188b11b634b28a14564a9622a-21984a21941a-24143;366s13b-3876b3214b224;5860s6b-3488b3261b343;28s5b-3589b3238b11b38b595a13685a10501a-21984a13835a-16037;1s7b-3882b3249b14;2s9b-3263b3249b14;1s8b-3263b3249b14;1s10b-3263b3249b14e5932;9s15b-3253b3236b17;53s12b-3263b3249b14e10;2s11b-3278b3264b13e0;4s14b-3272b3256b16;11s17b-3257b266b2975b17x168638;337s16b-3263b3249b14e22;.q3;158075s2b1578b3354b1b1383;1163s3b-4729b3188b11b635b27a288164a-8310a45a-11300a-4621;6s1b-3861b3188b11b634b28a14564a9622a-21984a21941a-24143;6226s6b-3926b3261b343;28s5b-3589b3238b11b38b595a14563a9623a-21984a13835a-16037;4s8b-3882b3249b14;1s10b-3263b3249b14e5932;9s15b-3253b3236b17;53s12b-3263b3249b14e178;2s11b-3278b3264b13e0;4s14b-3272b3256b16;11s17b-3257b266b2975b17x168638;337s16b-3263b3249b14e-161;1636s13b-3324x-1082y1192p4786;203s9b31b3279b16b1491b7x-108;1118s7b-4798b3284b13;.ess;4_1;12_2;27_2;.inv;3371;2885;692;120;9;4214;1745;8805;0;0;16022;7224;10034;14627;16821;2543;20013;1435;5493;12809b731b754x132829y286p3p1487p302p17p0;3652;3863;3815;1254;159;10889;1;0;8;2;0;1;1;1;1;0;1;1;1;1;30;2;1;11;2;1;1;15;1;2;59;1;2;27;207;1;824;420;1;2;41;1;732;1;1;1732;1163;83b122b3179b17;60b-3196b3168b11b1478a288164a-7735a-14249a2419a-4621;218b-6223b1541b3203b18;31;2;1;189;532;363b-3246b3228b33b1441;337b-4687b3214b224;215;134;94;245;101;1;309;1752;54;4;563;140;0;0;0;1;1;1;395;1881b-3473b3249b14;3b-3278b3264b13;77b-3262b3249b14;6b-4757b1494b3249b14e5963;116;0;0;0;245;856;42;0;42;82;1;41;47;3;15;0;485;176;94;61;0;159;87;46;5;72;40;1;24;15b-3298b3284b37b1445;74;71;11;147;4;1;2;11;12x35524;157;497;3;1;1;117;24;0;0;0;0;0;0;135;77;7;71;405;163b-6225b6245b12


Sorry I didn’t write it, but it’s same setup in both places.

then they should choose the same output right ??

If not which one should i choose to use when optimizing ??

I see small differences using your import.
With the default settings for BiB your import has zero changes for BiB, the default thresholds for changing gems, enchants and traits is 0.50%.
29,129 DPS +/- 145
Setting the thresholds to zero changes one tertiary trait, one gem, the weapon and both ring enchants.
29,153 DPS +/- 145
Gear Check changes the same tertiary trait, one gem and both ring enchants.
29,174 DPS +/- 145

The difference between any of the gear sets is within the error margin of the optimiser.
I just spent fifteen minutes setting the simulations up and double checking I had them the same for the different gear sets and the results are all within the margin of error of the simulator.

The thresholds for changing traits, gems and enchants were added so we wouldn’t spend thousands of gold for, effectively, zero gain.
You can use whichever result you’d like, you’ll never be able to do a boss fight enough time to determine which is better !!

They give slightly different results as the two features use different algorithms, gear check only looks at what is equipped while BiB looks at all of your gear, equipped, bags and bank. Both features have an error margin, they have to to give you a result quickly.
Even simulations have an error margin but they take longer to set up and run. If you think the result that BiB is giving you is wrong run a couple of sims and look at the results, if the difference is big bring it to their attention so they can look into it, they want the result to be accurate.

Okay I see… thanks for you time and answer. :slight_smile:

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