BiS is an ilvl 265 bracer?


I have bracers from the current patch (425 and up). The best in bags process is steadfast with having me equip
Zoldyck Family Training Shackles which doesn’t even contain any of my recommended stats and the passive ability doesn’t work. Is there a setting I need to check to select to limit it to (this xpac only)?

Also, is there a way to select my desired max threshold of corruption? AMR suggested I equip 3 pieces of corrupted gear and now Im maxxed. That is a little higher than I prefer it to be.

On the Set Up Best in Bags step, there is a Corruption Max setting at the bottom of Step 2. That is your final desired total corruption (after resistance).

The reason it is picking those bracers is because your only other available bracer has corruption on it, and the optimizer wants to use different corrupted items instead.

If you actually have other bracers, you may need to refresh your addon data. You can do that by:

Go in-game and do the following:

  1. Open your bank and leave it open for at least 2 seconds, then close it.
  2. Activate each of your specs once.
  3. Open up the AMR addon and go to the Export tab, and copy the string to the website to update your character.

That should refresh everything and it should stay in sync automatically after that.