BiS Limiting Equipment

Hello there,

I may be wrong, but I think this feature used to be on the website and now I do not find it any more:
When I load my char and click on “Best in Slot” the BiS is shown (what a surprise…), but I want to edit the sources for that equipment: e.g. I only run LFR and I am not raiding at the moment.

Where can I set the sources (incl./excluding crafting, World drops, PvP equipment, etc.) for my setup and let the BiS be calculated on that?

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Click the filters button just to the right of the gearing strategy (it looks like a funnel). In there you can choose different options for what gear you want considered.

Thank you very much - exactly what I was looking for!
I will tune my search this evening - it seems that I own better gear than LFR, but do not know where I got it.
Thank you again!