BiS list acting somewhat strange


Im offered a BiS setup that means less dps.

Snapshot: 87b4c096caed4afa9e080d470677005e

Devs, any feedback on this issue?

also Curious as to why the WOTLK Rogue Simulator offers a completely different Best in Bags setup (with same setup in terms of raid comp and buffs, fight length etc).

I think the BiS calculation is getting tripped up slightly because you have an item equipped that falls outside of the filters you have set - the ring from ruby sanctum, which is a source that is filtered out. If you lock that ring in, the result is positive.

This case is hitting on some edge cases because the gear you have currently equipped is basically BiS already for the filters you have selected. You won’t see a change that falls outside of margin of error. I’ll try to figure out why the score goes down - somehow it is slipping through the final check that would just leave on the current gear.

I cannot speak to why the simulator gets a different answer than our calculations. I don’t have time to go through the simulator and verify all of the assumptions and decisions it is making. What’s completely different about it? I assume the simulator still wants the set items at least? It’s pretty common for trinket rankings to differ somewhat, but trinkets are quite debatable already.

Through the course of classic, TBC, and now wotlk, we’ve refined the mathematical model we are using multiple times. I am confident that using the gear we recommend will allow players to perform at the highest level, within any margin of error that could be empirically determined.

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Hm interesting, thanks for your reply.

Below gear is what the WOTLK Rogue Simulator, offers as Best in Bags, which is quite different.

Ask Mr robot recommends:

Sorry I wrote BiS in the last post, was referring to Best in Bags.

It is hard for me to tell from the screenshot - what is the big difference? I see tiny abomination in a jar is chosen by the simulator, but all the other items are the same. Is there a big difference in which gems are picked?

Tbh, something changed from yesterday.

As it stands now its only the trinket that is the difference (also in my pics).

Sorry. Not big of a difference to put too much analysis into understanding.


For whatever its worth, gemmed and geared (for testing purposes) as WOTLK Rogue Simulator suggested;

This is the stats that Mrrobot wants to change

WOTLK Rogue Simulator stats:

So, looks like our model prefers haste more than their model. There isn’t a lot to say about that - haste is the stat that makes theorycraft so hard. It is pretty normal for two independently created models to get different values for haste overall. It would take a ton of effort to try to find exactly where the two models differ.

That said… we’re talking a pretty minor overall stat change: +5% haste and a little expertise, and a small amount of equivalent stats removed from other stuff like crit, hit, a tiny bit of agility. For all practical purposes I call these two models of the game in agreement, which should make most people feel pretty good that two completely independent approaches arrived at such a similar answer.


Thanks guys.

I have evaluated both setups (suggested by your sim and WotLK Rogue sim) with my own in-game data, and your suggestions came out ahead on average. So, either your sim fits my playstyle, or it’s just more accurate overall.

Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to using Mr. Robot through Cataclysm as well.

glad it’s working well for you!

yeah… cataclysm, can’t say we’re super excited to re-implement reforging, but we’ll make it work!

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