BiS may not be the best

Yesterday, I changed covenants from Venthyr to Necrolord based on the spriest community recommendation. I used the BiS feature to find where to equip a potentially new legendary. The BiS feature recommended Eternal Call of the Void (Hands) with a DPS increase of 6.74% over current gear. I customized Pallid Command (legs) and was surprised to find a higher DPS increase 8.96%. Should I have expected a recommendation of the Pallid Command legendary or did I miss a setting? The gearing strategy was multi-target

Can you post a snapshot? Use the help link just above the gear table (it’s just off your screenshot there) to make one. I can take a look.

Here you go. Snapshot ID: 4f700a419e22470bbd265b5f0902ee23

It seems that the “no faction items” filter is filtering that one out because it requires necrolord renown. I can make legendaries bypass that filter.

Thank you for the response.