BiS - Mistweaver - shard set

Good afternoon (or morning for you)

I was tinkering with BiS to where I should go to farm stuff. And found out that the shard set used is frost.

It appear that the set unholy give more hps so…

Could you take a look ?


I have already upgraded frost some shard of frost set😐
I guess I will go dpsing :sweat_smile:

Thank yo

I just updated the shard bonuses yesterday with the rebalanced numbers (which increased the value of the frost bonus by about 45%), could be that we need to tweak the optimization slightly, I’ll take a look.

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So i allow myself to redo the sims after some day.

You probably had not the time to look to the set bonuses yet :
Unholy set : Simulation - Report (
Blood set : Simulation - Report (
Frost set : Simulation - Report (

I posted a strategy update for mistweaver that adjusts the value of the frost shard set bonus, I think it should be more in line now.

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Perfect ! Thanks you it’s working perfectly !

Not so perfect… I’m annoying … :neutral_face:

So, in BiB, I have a setup “healing” classic stuff, and a setup “full offense” using the blender for reclear heroic.
By default, the BiB, is putting blood shard set, instead of the frost I was expecting.

My bet is because I do have higher rank shard and it’s may confuse BiB.

Here are the two sims, same gear, same talent I only manually put the frost set at level 1 (when in my bag I have higher rank)

It’s a very niche use and probably not worty your time to debug that. Anyway, I would understand if it stay like this.

Could you give me a snapshot of the optimization where it is picking the Blood set bonus for offense over the Frost set bonus? As far as I can tell, the code has a much higher damage estimate for the Frost bonus for Mistweaver than the Blood bonus (as the simulation shows).

Ho yes of course sorry !

Maybe I’m just missing it… but I don’t think that you have a shoulder item with a domination socket, so you can’t get the frost bonus right now?

I dont. So this is somethings i have totally forgotten. It’s on me sorry.

If i may, the " dps bonus" of wind of winter is active in this sim : Simulation - Report ( without the shoulder, it shouldn’t right ?

You’re right, I’ll fix that. I think the simulator was just counting up the shards. It was more convenient for testing and I didn’t take it out!

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No worry ! Those sets are a nightmare !
Thank you for your help !