BIS: negative dps for current gear

Hi. I’ve checked all of the “negative dps” threads I could find and I’m still not sure what is happening. Here is a snapshot that is basically my current gear showing -11% dps (and that’s even with BIS adding a few missing enchants):

And here is one with a different setup allowing higher level loot that is still -5%:

I think I’m missing something. :slight_smile: The DPS number is supposed to be in comparison to current gear and not something else, right?


You have locked in an empty soulbind tree. Click where it says “Niya” above your gear results, and then click Unlock Path, then re-optimize. I think that should resolve the issue – if you want, you can go from there to lock in a specific path or conduits.

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Oh wow, yeah that was it! I feel a little dumb but thank you!!! :slight_smile: