BIS not working properly

So AMR BIS is having some issues, it is telling me that a 860 Pauldrons of the Highlord is better than the 875 version. Neither have gem or tertiary stats. The 875 is better in every way but is rated almost 500 points less.

Is this using a custom gearing strategy? If so, can you give me the link to it?

Situation is even worse, just ran a upgrade finder and its suggesting items that are 20 ilevel below what I have equipped. Exact same item no tertiary stats or gem slots. Also when ranking dungeons for upgrades it is suggesting Heroic dungeon drops over M10, again same items, same stat setups.

You should try the beta of “version 2” gearing strategies for tanks – it is a significant improvement over version 1 in many cases.

The result you are seeing is almost always caused by creating a strategy around a fight that is either too easy, or way too hard. In either case, small changes to your gear/stats become almost irrelevant from a toughness standpoint, and thus there is no data-driven/statistical way to tell the difference between one item or another.

The version 2 strategies will automatically configure to keep it in a range that is interesting, and should give very consistent results. They are in beta though, so let us know if anything looks weird.

I also have an update coming in the next day or two with a few more improvements to the beta of version 2 tank strategies.