BiS Odd Behavior - Suggests Same Gear As Equipped

This is something I’ve noticed in AMR ever since I started using it. Fairly often when using BiS, AMR will suggest the exact same gear that I have equipped, but treats it as a new piece of gear (currently equipped crossed out, suggestion not dimmed). The only difference in the two gear links is that the bonus IDs are sometimes different. All stats and bonuses - or lack of bonuses - are identical.

I don’t believe it causes any errors in the overall suggestion, but it is something that is mildly annoying when trying to look for what gear I need at a glance.

Yeah, it is a never ending chore trying to figure out all the bonus IDs that are possible for an item… If you post specific examples we can try to add them to our ever growing list of manually overridden item data.

Only one on my list at the moment -

Ring of Collective Consciousness
Raid Finder
ilvl 430
174530, 197 Bonus IDs: 1472, 4786, 4825, 6513, 6516

Is there an established thread where I should post any others I come across, or is making a new topic the best way to go?

We don’t have an established thread - you can just post when you run into an issue. The best thing to post is your “snapshot id” generated using the help link and then we can see exactly what you have and what the optimizer is trying to replace it with.

Learn something every day. Here you go.


That is one weird item… it has like a billion bonus ids on it. Must be left-handed.

I checked with yellowfive about this - I guess this isn’t something that we’re going to be able to fix for BiS. It doesn’t happen on BiB. The game inserts a lot of “inert” bonus ids onto items sometimes with no apparent rhyme or reason - it would take a ton of work for us to “fix” what is really just a display issue.