BIS Question ...confused

Question on what is showing up in BIS.
Equipped Belt - 445 ilvl Belt of Undying Devotion

BIS is showing that the 430 M10 Sailcoth is an upgrade. When clicking the belt to see how much of an upgrade it is, my 445 is not showing up in the list. I get other possible upgrades as compared to the 430, but not the equipped 445. I’m pretty sure my equipped item is near equal to the 430 if not better (mastery/vers vs crit/haste for Fire spec). At the very least my equipped item should also be shown in this list for comparisons and flagged as equipped where the BIS recommendation is flagged another way.

Another issue I’ve seen, is that BIS recommends items that I already have but doesn’t recognize it. Most common I see this with trinkets, especially the Computation device.


Anyway, I may be missing something or just not reading it right so your feedback would be appreciated.

If you have an example of BiS recommending an item you already have, please share it with me.

For this belt, I agree it would be a nice thing to have the version of the belt you have on automatically be the version that gets ranked in the list for BiS. I’ll see if we can make that change. If you find Belt of the Undying in the list, you can manually modify it to be 445ilvl and it will then re-rank the list with your change. It turns out to be almost exactly equal to the 430 belt it recommends.

Thanks so much., I’ll try that work around. Wasnt aware that was an option to modify the ilvl directly in the list to compare.

Just FYI, when I was looking into this, we actually already have it set up to automatically rank the version of the item that you have on. The problem we run into is that sometimes the game uses different bonus ids than we expect to modify the item to the version that you have. That is why, in this case, we didn’t recognize your item.