BiS - Stat goals not being reached

When using BiS, I understand that there is a slide on stats so that there are actually several sets of stats that produce very similar results. That is fine and good but that doesn’t work as well in actual game play.

For Shadow Priest, as an example, some lower haste builds might produce similar numbers. However having the higher haste makes the rotation easier to maintain and recover if you are forced to move several times in a row or get hit by an affect or some other uncontrollable thing. To put it simply, Priest players will have a better and easier experience with higher haste, its something simply accepted by the community.

With that in mind, and given that there are in fact several sets of gear that produce results near max, I’d like a way to say, “Show me a BiS gear set that is near max with high haste.” instead of it just randomly picking a set somewhere on the near max scale.

I hope that is understandable.

We’ve had a couple requests along these lines of being able to nudge the optimizer towards a personal stat preference. We will have to think about how that could maybe be achieved.

Just to clarify, the optimizer never “randomly” picks anything. It picks the set of gear that scores the highest. If the community generally prefers a set of gear that falls in a local maximum below the true maximum, that’s all well and good, but the optimizer won’t favor it automatically.

Another clarification: our gearing strategies are based on a simulation that does include random movement events. So, that is implicitly incorporated into the gear that is chosen. The community hive mind generally settles on certain stat priorities and then doesn’t really give different ones a fair shake, in our experience. The differences are small enough that it’s hard to really say what is better or not.

The one thing I can say with complete confidence is that a player could use the gear we suggest and achieve competitive DPS.

Thanks for the response. You are certainly correct on your points . I’ve actually ran with just what AMR says even though I didn’t think it would be solid and found, yup it works fine and the output was surprising.

For priest I find the lower haste (14,000 is lower right? :stuck_out_tongue: ) gear sets to just be considerably less forgiving of mistakes and with priest, a rotation mistake that you can’t recovery from quickly, might cost you upwards of 30 seconds of reduced DPS. Brutally punishing.

That all being said, you guys get a thumbs up. I’m one of two DPS officers in my guild and you guys have not only unseated SimC as my go to tool, but have practically made it obsolete. :+1: