BiS trinket on AMR vs SIMCRAFT ? Frost Mage

Why is it so different ?

Look at trinkets list from simcraft:

Best trinket after pantheon should be Acrid Catalyst Injector
But AMR gives me Sheath of Asara as BiS…
just why ?

Acrid Catalyst Injector is supposedly -1.17% dps ? wtf

Pardon me for asking, but are you saying that one source of information you seem to prefer is right & AMR is wrong?
By using “wtf” in a post, it does tend to imply that you find the advice available at AMR as ‘beneath contempt’ or otherwise based on little or no foundation. If you’re new to AMR, maybe reading through how the conclusions reached at AMR have come to fruition, then maybe you’ll have a better understanding of how/why their suggestions are arrived at.

All sites that offer gearing strategies are offering advice, not ‘telling you’ what to equip and as such, with any advice, you take it, leave it or otherwise adapt it into your playstyle; might I respectfully suggest that you stick to the advice offered by the site you linked & look no further, if it suits your needs best?.

I want to know why exactly is that trinket prefered on AMR, when basically every other source on the internet says that Acrid is better ?
I would love to use AMR as the source for my BiS list, but why does it try to push a trinket everybody else ignores ?

From my experience and what I have read around AMR there isn’t one set of BiS stats (if you take into account WF / TF also). But to better answer you question you should provide an export from the AMR addon with your current spec so we can see what you are saying about the BiS list.

Hey, I don’t see what your seeing. Are you using a custom gearing strategy?

This is what I get when I use BiS


EDIT - You can also see the BiS list I ran this morning.

Vitality Resonator/Sheath/Catalyst all come with 10k of each other. So it’s really up to you which trinket you decide to use. I personally do not like Sheath because it sometimes doesn’t hit the target since it’s a launched effect. Vitailty is good because you can macro it to FO and forget it. Catalyst is good if you can manage %31 crit, so you’re not wasting the stats it provides.

Well… here is my calculated bis lol:

I have to manually force use of wrist/ring combo to see Acrid as bis trinket

I keep ring and wrist locked in because I know that’s what I’m going to use.

I think the key thing in this is to not take everything at face value, do your due diligence and compare results, find the one that suits you most. Do you want to be the super min/max person and squeeze out every hundred DPS, it’s going to take way longer. Alternatively you could do small tests and use the optimizer around that.

Your set there gets about 2.16m, if you use norgannons at 1000 it gets you about 2.15m and if you lock in bracers + ring, it nets you about 2.2m.

All 3 of those combos are so close together that the optimizer can’t really determine what truly is the “best”. Your play style/skill has FAR more influence then gear will.

Ex. Are you good with Sheath? Can you hit every knife like the simulator does? If not, then you should probably look at Vitaility/Catalyst, since they’re both easier to use.

I lock in bracers and ring, because I’ve done more than enough test to know that they’re the best combo I can use and that’s exactly what the “Customize” feature is there for, you pick what you want to use, either based on play style or your own research.

I dont get it why it simply does not use ring/wrist as default because it gives most dps but tries to use the head ?

Because it is also a very good setup that is extremely close in value to the wrist/ring setup.

Our tool is set up to rank every combination of gear, not just the most popular with the most popular talents and the most popular relics. That is a lot of combinations of gear, so there will inevitably be a little margin of error. It is a trade off of speed for accuracy, just like the simulator itself – the longer you let it run, the more precise it will get.

We consider the margin of error on the optimizer to be well below what most (any?) user will be able to “feel” in-game. Use the wrist/ring if you like it better. Or use the helm/ring if you like that better. You’ll never raid enough to figure out which one averages higher for you personally, but you will be able to figure out which one you like better.

Thanks guys, personally, I understand it better now :slight_smile: