BiS - Weapon Upgrades

Was this/were these overlooked - or have they been omitted - on the back of Legion not needing them?
Horde side, EU, has ZE paying a (395, in my case) Weapon upg., and I can’t tell if there’s any likelihood that an upgrade is even available… OK, my DH has two 395 Weapons already, but…

Thanks, in advance.

I don’t quite follow… can you describe in more detail to what you are referring?

BiS doesn’t show any Weapon upgrade entries from Emissaries - certainly past iL395, if they exist - or even any iL395’s that are downgrades, for comparisons’ sake. To that end, are Emissary Weapon Caches even acknowledged?

@eighjan you might want to post your export string so @yellowfive can see the same information you have.

OK I see – yeah for Best in Slot we don’t have options to scale world quest (emissary) loot to be chosen by the optimizer… we could probably add that at some point.

You can use the Upgrade Finder to see which emissary rewards are upgrades though, we do have a specific search for that.