Bizarre enchant recommendation

For some reason it’s saying +150 crit is better than +200, which I find highly unlikely.

I’ve seen these posts a few time, and observed the effect myself. There’s something wonky going on there, but usually if you select one, the list will rearrange and give numbers that make more sense.

If anyone has an addon export string for a character where they see this happen consistently, post it up and I’ll take a look.

I get this pretty regularly. The most common time it happens is when I swap legendaries.

The latest time I had it happen, here’s what I had done:

Load Hercuboom - Turalyon - US
Using AMR Single target weights, do BiS.
Click Simulate this Character
Now, in the simulate screen, take off Oneth’s Intuition and swap out the 940 ring for Impeccable Fel Essence

When I go to apply the enchants and gems to the ring, I get +150 crit as top enchant, worth double what the other enchants are worth. The rest of the enchants look like they’re the correct order.

Similarly, if I swap out the cloak for a different cloak and go to apply an enchant to the cloak, it tells me 150 INT is a big upgrade but 200 INT is worth basically nothing.

Basically, it happens when I replace something and then go to reapply an enchant. The 150 crit to ring enchant or 150 int to cloak enchant always come up at the top. If I don’t replace anything and just click on an enchant that’s already in place, it displays normal enchant recommendations.

Thanks for the steps to reproduce – I will have a fix for this in the next update, today or tomorrow sometime.