Blank gear slots when importing from armory or addon

I’m trying to import a gear string to see best in bag but it won’t recognize a ton of my toon’s gear like the weapon for example. Are there level requirements to use this feature or something? I figured it would work with level 90+ gear?


What AskMrRobot Sees:

Any advice?

I’ll take a look… not sure why it’s having a problem reading those items.

Quick question: what item level is your helmet in-game? I’m wondering how the old “upgrades” got impacted by the BfA stat changes. Armory shows 129.

My helmet is 129 in game. Is it the item levels that are breaking everything?

I’m one of those guys who liked to use BiB instead of calculating it every time back when everything was working fluidly a year or more ago.

I know with BfA stuff is changing, but was hoping for an easy fix to this “older item BiB” problem.

I think I can fix it in our next update – probably tomorrow sometime, or Sunday at the latest.

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Oh wow. Thanks a ton. I’ll most definitely be looking out for that one. This is why I pay for AMR.

how do i import my bis gear selection from ask mr robot to addon had no problem doing it before yall redid the site.

You could never import your BiS gear into the addon. There’s no point to it, what does importing gear you don’t have do for you?