Blank slot in Best in Bag

for some reason i have some how Banked my trinket 2 slot when using Best in Bags Optimisation and for the life of me have not been able to restore that option and i would so much like it back.

From looking at your four listed spec’s, it appears that “Shadowgrasp Totem” is intended for Melée scenarios only - whether that is by AMR’s design* or Blizzard’s, I cannot say, but that’s how I conclude the results.
* @yellowfive/@Swol - your input would clarify

Worth mentioning is that how the spec’s are listed has a bearing on what priority any one piece of eqpt. is given… you currently have your Druid as prioritising this play preference:


If this is not how you actually play, you should drag the spec’s into the right priority for how you play - even remove any you do NOT use - to get more accurate optimisation results.

Hope this helps…

eighjan is correct: we don’t see you as having two relevant trinkets for balance or resto, so it leaves the second slot blank. The second item you have (shadowgrasp totem) is of zero value.