Blazewing Hood missing from BfD gear

Was looking over my best in slot items in AMR compared to the best in slot addon, and AMR is missing this item, which should be my best in slot.

Which spec? If I check e.g. an Arcane Mage I see it in the list of items.

This is Warlock. Demonology.

I see it for demonology too… I just loaded a generic demonology warlock and ran BiS with default settings.

Maybe you have it filtered out? Or an item level filter too low? Or maybe your heart of azeroth level is set too low and it is ranking lower? Have you tried the text search on the item list?

Yep I see it when I made a generic demo lock too… Just i’m not on my char :-/

and in searching, it’s not in the list at all.

Strange… I see it when I load a random demonology warlock from our guild. Try clearing your browser cache, see if that helps.

Actually… it seems that particular item is flagged as Alliance-only. Is your character Horde? I’ll look at the item data and see why it got flagged as faction-specific… seems like it shows up in the dungeon journal for both factions.

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Hey yellowfive. I have the same problem with my holy priest. The items are only in the list and showing properly if i run a generic holy priest. When I do it as horde priest, many items are missing. So, I think very many more items are flagged alliance-only. Would really appreciate a fix for this.

Yeah I’m working on an update for the new raid coming out on Tuesday, we’ll have several item data tweaks included in that update.