Blender for DPS specs in AoE situations

I would like to propose an adaptation of the tank’s Blender to DPS specs.

Indeed, as of today, there is two scenarios, single target and multi-target. When multi-target is selected, one damage done to an add equals one damage done to the boss.

It is very good for cheesing and parsing 95+ in heroic, but there are some situations where you would accept a reduction of your boss damage to some extent to get some add damage.

For bosses like Mistress or Desolate Host, especially in Mythic, the optimal strategy is not to maximise ST damage, it would be too big of a loss, but it is not maximizing DPS either, since some strong ST DPS is needed.

The Blender seems perfect for this, as one could set up the objective function such as one damage to the boss is worth 5 or 10 damage to the adds, according to the fight, raid composition, and so on…

Have you ever thought of something like this? Would it be easily done my tweaking the tank’s Blender?

I hope the description is understandable enough, if not, please let me know :slight_smile:

I understand your thinking, and we have had similar thoughts in the past. Ultimately… doing some sort of “weighted” average between two different gearing strategies does not result in something that gives us what we want, though.

The best way to go about doing what you want would be to customize the rotation for a boss script like Mistress in the simulator to do the appropriate amount of boss/vs add damage, and then create a custom gearing strategy based on that rotation.

Taking two strategies that are based on simulations that don’t play the game how you want, and then blending them together will not give you results that are very good compared to just making the simulator play the game how you want in the first place and basing your gearing decisions off of that.

We can help you with rotation updates to achieve your goal if you wish.