Block Essences - remove essences you don't wan't to use and still get optimal results

Understand you guys are probably buried in work atm with the new patch and the classic optimisor, but I was wondering if you could add the ability to block essences you don’t want to use in the optimisor. As as far as i know the only way to exclude an essence you don’t wan’t to use is to lock in all the others which potentially means your missing on the optimal setup (without the unwanted essence).
An example is although potentially optimal unbound force minor is hard to use to its full potential, (and has alot of potential frustration and variability) so being able to block it like you would an annoying trinket would be great.

That might be something we can add.

Just a note on Unbound Force. We simulate/rank the minor effect as if you don’t react to it especially in any way (since it is so short I think that is somewhat unrealistic). So the ranking you see there is how good it is if you just go about your normal rotation.

The only special logic we have is if you have it in the major slot, we have you wait for the minor buff to use the major.

As a tank, this is a feature I very much would like to see as well. I’m frequently recommended some essences I don’t really want to use for various reasons, so it would be great to get the best setup possible while being able to exclude those particular ones.

In particular, anima minor (no offensive value at all), worldvein minor (much less valuable with a lot of frequent movement) and ripple minor (much less valuable if there -isn’t- a lot of movement/often difficult to trigger).

Also keep in mind that there is very little interaction between minor essences. You can look at the ranked list and pick the top 3 that you are willing to use and be optimal pretty much all the time.

FWIW, Unbound Force seems to be proccing 50% more than in should in the simulator. It keeps showing EXTREMELY strong for Fury, and AMR is the only sim that seems to think that it should be (my gut seems to think it’s garbage too). When I look at aura uptimes (the buff aura, not the counter, obviously) in my AMR simulations it’s consistently up basically exactly 50% more than it is when I beat up a target dummy… about 9% in AMR sims to 6% in live. Even tried changing fight lengths between 3 and 9 minutes since one extra proc may have made a difference, with the same results.

The even weirder thing is that even with it seemingly proccing more than it should, it still doesn’t seem like it should be a 1-1.5% DPS upgrade over any other minor. Literally no other SIM tool has it anywhere close to usable, and logic dictates that it shouldn’t be good since Fury tends to have high crit rates, so the stacks stack slowly and then a lot of the crit buff gets wasted since we often go well over 100%.

I took a look at it… I think I had it triggering off of a couple things it shouldn’t have, but the results didn’t seem to change much. It’s just a 20 rppm proc on non-crits, so there isn’t really anything special going on with the trigger.

I think I actually had it under-estimated for a number of specs because it does proc of dot ticks, which I wasn’t allowing. But I was allowing it to proc off some trinket effects, which it doesn’t. I’ll re-run the data with the tweaks, but I don’t think it’s going to drop by anything near 50% for a fury warrior. The only way it would be off that much is if the spell data is actually wrong and the rppm is lower than 20.

Armed with the 20 rppm knowledge, I went and hit the dummy again and found two things:

1.) It seems to be proccing more like 16 ppm… I’m ballparking here, and that’s probably within a margin of error on a short run… but the buff came about every 80 seconds, not 60 as would be expected.
2.) The buff only lasts for 4 seconds on live, contrary to the 6 seconds in the tooltip. So it’s acting like it was before it was buffed in 8.3 (or they deliberately didn’t implement the buff and forgot to revert the tooltip). Other simming tools (Raidbots, for example) represent still show the old tooltip, which seem to reflect reality on live.

Can you post a combat log? I just tested this on my fire mage (which is also not a great spec for stacking the minor) and the buff duration is definitely 6 seconds. It would be 4 seconds if you don’t have rank 3.

20 rppm matches what simc is using, I checked in their code for that, so the proc rate I think isn’t in question. It is 33% lower for specs with a 1 sec GCD (brew, windwalker, rogue, cat form).

It’s really hard to test rppm mechanics in-game. If you wanted to do a test, you’d have to leave your character hitting the dummy for at least an hour or so and then you might be able to get a better idea if it matches the game data we have, but it doesn’t proc off auto attacks, so you’d actually have be actively playing for that long.