Blood DK Stat Weights - Who is right?

I have a stat question in regards to blood DK. Literally every site I can find says to stack haste. Haste above all is the mantra of literally every site, except AMR. It prioritizes Versatility and even master over haste, and by a huge margin. I’m just trying to understand why AMR is so drastically different than Icy-Viens and every other source out there that says “stack the crap out of haste”. Who is right???

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Excellent question! I will say that since I have abandoned the Haste strategy and committed to the AMR strategy, I am nearly unkillable. Yes, you have to space out your attacks, but I’m a beast with Vers/Mastery stacked over Haste.

Well that’s good to hear. I am sticking with the AMR recommendations but I would really like to know why it is so drastically different.

Look at it this way - no one site that offers advice is going to be “100% right, 100% of the time”. Sites like AMR basically aren’t saying ‘you MUST do this’, they’re saying (well; AMR does), "the system we use is based on xxx no of simulated ‘fights’ & our conclusions suggest that (insert stat. weightings) is the way to go’.

Easiest way to play it is look at what’s offered & have at look at what the basis for the conclusions is based on… the easier it is to see the ‘why we recommend X’, the more reliable I would say that the recommendations are to use.

We base our tank recommendations on our tank simulator (which you can play with for you character to try stuff out as well).

I’m working on some pretty significant updates to our default tank gearing strategies to make them more adaptive – by that I mean they will dynamically adapt to your chosen talents and legendaries much better. We’re also making The Blender more prominent – that is a feature that lets you blend toughness and DPS gear in a way that gets you more damage without sacrificing too much toughness.

Off the top of my head, if I had to take a guess as to why haste is more popular in some other places (I’d have to investigate it in more detail to give a definitive answers, so take this with a grain of salt):

  1. Haste “feels” better to a lot of people. They don’t like waiting so long to cast abilities or having to worry as much about timing.

  2. Haste might give you more damage. The majority of other tank theorycrafters I have seen around the web have a strong preference for DPS gear over toughness. That perspective makes sense if you have good healers and you aren’t dying… but it is certainly not universal advice. Right now, we default to all-toughness gear recommendations. That is probably overkill for some people as well. Our next update will have The Blender turned on by default, which should strike a good balance between these two extremes.

Thank you for the reply!!! It really helps to understand the differences. I’m definitely looking forward to the blender!!!

So having used both strats:
The different between Versatility and Haste seems very minimal.

Testing vs the Spellblade Script: Versatility comes up top for pure Survivability.
However using the Blender on it (at the Balanced Setting), I can trade out ~0.5% Death Chance for ~15% DPS - which I think is well worth it - with Haste now equal to Versatility, maybe a bit higher.

Based on that, I think you want to keep them close together - leaning towards Versatility if you need a bit more Survivability, or Haste for DPS.

But frankly, it’s just easier to plug it into AMR’s Best in Bags, and get it to recommend your gear for you :slight_smile: