Bloodvine Set Bonus

Just wanted to inform you guys that Bloodvine Set is considering the set bonus even thought it only applies to Tailors with 300 skill.

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Right… forgot they had a few silly things like that in classic. I’ll go through and enable profession restrictions on set bonus activation in the next update.


Has this update gone out? It’s been a couple weeks and I’m just about ready to make this set but I’m dragging my feet on how worth leveling tailoring would be >_<

Yes – it should only activate if you have the proper profession level now.

It still shows up as active for me, but I’m not even a tailor.

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The tooltip might show it as active… but you won’t actually get the bonus unless you are a tailor.

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Edit: Maybe it’s always just shown me the change without the set bonus, but here’s the rest of what I typed:

It seems suspect. I’m currently wearing 2/3 Bloodvine, and do not have Tailoring. Checking the Upgrade Finder for crafted items, I see the third piece at the top of the list being a 0.11% upgrade.

Manually toggling my profession doesn’t change that 0.11% upgrade, making it feel like it is either always or never counting the stat bonus, but certainly not switching between the two.

And that’s just the thing, the set is so close that I can’t tell which is better and the ambiguity doesn’t help!

All in all, though, it is so close that it honestly doesn’t matter much, and I’m not likely to level 300 tailoring to make the change.

The crit from gear calculation is exactly 2% higher than it should be given I’m not a tailor.

Whether it’s simulating or not is an important piece, but it undermines trust if it can’t even show crit summed correctly.

We can check again… I’m pretty sure it only gets counted in the calculations if you are actually a tailor.

It looks like there is a display error in the Char Sheet on the web page that is including the set bonus in the displayed stat total even when you don’t have the profession required – we’ll fix that in the next update.

Note that the actual optimizer is handling it correctly on the back end – the set bonus is properly ignored if you don’t have tailoring. It is a display-only issue.

Hi guys i am a tailor but the bloodvine set is not applying properly. it not adding the 2% increase to crit

I just updated this… should be working correctly. As long as you have 300 tailoring it should activate. Post a snapshot if you have a case where you think it isn’t working correctly (press “help” next to the big Best in Bags section header and follow the instructions for generating a support post snapshot).

69c5685ee5ce45179d678f99662ea4f7 with out full bloodvine set missing the boots.
3efed4f77c5844859cad5bbc1faf84a8 with the full bloodvine set on but the crit still is not going up 2%

i deleted the profile just incase it was need and put it up fresh.
i have put in what Profession i have into the Edit Character. and i have matched it on my character in wow classic for the first snap it matches. as soon i put the boots on in snap2 my crit is 9.91% on askmrobot but in game it gone up to 11.95%. i hope this was the right way to do sry if it wasnt and thx you for your time

I think what’s happening is if you manually change your profession on the UI it’s setting your skill to 150, which isn’t enough to get the set bonus. I’ll change that to set it to 300.

i have to manually put my profession in because when i take the scrip from the addon and put it on the website it show i have no profession even though I do. it seem to wipe my profession every time i import it. just tested it and yes i have manually put my profession in every import. and i’m sadly to report it still not add the 2% a7f60c502b004d23b90f2d32b141963f

Yeah I need to update the website to change it still – working on it.

And we don’t read professions from the game for classic because they don’t have an API for it… at least not one that I could find. In theory it should remember your professions between imports though. I’ll double check that it is and update it if it is not.

ok thank you for your time and quick responce and have a nice day

Does the error with the set bonus still exists?
I don’t see how i geht +2% crit with the recommended changes


This issue was fixed.

You may need to manually change your professions to get it to update though. Change tailoring to something else, then optimize. Then change it back, and optimize again.

Reading professions from the game is a bit of a pain in classic, so we have people set their professions manually. Previously we were setting the skill level too low though, so that the set bonus wasn’t activating. If that value was saved on your profile, you need to switch the profession to something else and back to get it to update with the higher skill value.

Thanks, changing professions did the job. No more Leggings of the Black Blizzard for me :frowning:
Do i have to do this from time time or is once good enough?