BM Hunter Best in Bags

Trying to use best in bags and its trying to get me to put on windstalker set vs serpentstalker set and sometimes even class set gear.
I know its end of the exp so everythings not going to work perfect.
anyone else having these issues

It is rather difficult to definitively rank all the legion legendary and set bonuses in conjunction with all the 8.0 class/talent changes.

If you think that the set bonuses are not as powerful as the estimates, you can easily customize and tone them down. At top-middle of the page, click on the gearing strategy picker. When the window opens, click Create a Custom Strategy. This opens a window. Under Specials you will see a section for the set bonuses. Simply decrease the value of the set bonuses that you feel are not as strong, then press Save and Use.

Pre-patches are always kind of up in the air for gear ranking – game balance is all over the place, Blizzard keeps patching in changes, and all of it will change anyway when we hit level 120 and Blizzard does another round of balance patches before the first raid. That is why we went with this transition approach where it is very easy for you to manually change the value of one or two things that you would like to see ranked differently.

Once we approach the first raid in BfA, we’ll be back to our normal optimizer based on millions of simulations, that is very well-tested and tuned for level 120 characters. We just don’t have the manpower to do all that analysis for the couple week pre-patch transition.