BM Hunter Cobra Shot w/ Killer Cobra in Theorycraft Wiki's ST AMR rotation

Hey. I’m not trying to be pedantic at all here with this question but actually double-checking if there’s something I’m not aware of and can learn. Also, having super accurate conditions helps me put together better rotation prompts on addons like TMW or WA.

In the AMR SingleTarget rotation on Theorycraft Wiki, step 11 (at the time of writing these words) is a Cobra Shot that requires the Killer Cobra talent, and the only condition given after having the talent is that Bestial Wrath up. Even the helpful user-friendly explanation says to cast Cobra Shot “whenever possible.” This, combined with the sole condition given, gives me the impression that I should cast Cobra Shot with Bestial Wrath up whenever Focus => 35.

However, the point of casting Cobra Shot with Killer Cobra talented and Bestial Wrath up is to reset the cooldown on Kill Command and use it. Yet, if after consuming 35 Focus to cast Cobra Shot, if I do not have 30 Focus more to cast Kill Command immediately, then I won’t be able to cast it.

So, shouldn’t that step have another condition of Focus => 65 added to it?

Technically, yes, but this is another case where you’ll find that it just works out anyway. BM isn’t a spec that is typically hurting for focus - it’s more cooldown-limited. If you add that condition, the total DPS stays the same.