BM Hunter rotation tweak

Howdy - I used to main VDH for several tiers and post some tank rotation tweaks from time to time. This tier, I’m back to my BM Hunter. It’s just a rough draft / edit, so it’s probably not something setup for all traits/gear etc.

Anyhow, I got about a 500-700 single target dps increase by prioritizing the Barbed Shot logic and fitting in channeled effects before Frenzy stacks drop off. Multi-target dps increased a bit as well… I think due to more multi-shot spam while Rapid Reload is equipped.

My Rotation:

Sim1 47.2k
Sim2 46.5k

I’m on vacation for a few days, but I will have a look when I get back next week! Thanks for posting your stuff, as always.

For sure - It’s always a good time. I’m usually guilty of finding something that gives me an increase and then just immediately posting instead of, you know, spending time to clean things up and isolate the parts that matter. So… Apologies if anyone is trying to run this for their gear and finding that I’ve deleted / disabled something they needed. Sometimes getting rid of the stuff I’m not using just makes it more manageable to mess around with.

Have a good vacation!