BM Hunter Rotation update

Heya - Now that the Corruption bow is working properly, I figured I’d share some BM rotation tweaks I had made. Seems to be good for a 4-5k dps increase on my character, and hopefully some of that can translate to increases for other players / builds.

AMR Rotation :: 66,677 dps

Edited Rotation :: 71,528 dps

This rotation is primarily based on the corruption bow / vision minor essence + cookie-cutter build (but might have some generic implementations as well), and also emphasizes more uptime on Bestial Wrath and Dance of Death traits.

Edit :: Oh, forgot to add multi-target Aspect w/ Rapid Reload trait (override the single-target Aspect + WV combo), so that’s a pretty big cleave increase as well.

AMR M+ Rotation :: 87,900

Edited M+ Rotation :: 97,125

Test Rotation ::

(Edit: Forgot to add links to the sims)

Good stuff - I’ll take a look and see how I can merge some of this into the default rotation.

The challenge might be in figuring out when to fish for Dance procs and when not to over-extend barb usage - My assumption is that there’s some level of haste / crit in combination with Thrill of the Hunt + One with the Pack that let you just spam, and other builds / stat profiles where you should probably be more conservative. But maybe not. Maybe given 2-3 dance traits, you should always just be fishing.

Either way, the default looks like it made a pretty big jump, so whatever you’re doing is working for my gear. :smiley: