BM Hunter Stat weight BFA


I was wondering, all the websites I read about BM Hunter stat priorities for Single target are Agility>Critical>Mastery>Versatility>Haste. On your website it states more like Agility>Haste>Critical>Mastery>Versatility, would you be so kind and let me know if the stats priorities are updated for BFA 120? as it looks more like end of Legion stats,

Also do you have explanation for Azerite traits dps-wise? which ones are better?

Thank you,

The gear optimizer will rank azerite powers and pick the best ones if you use any of the features.

Our gearing strategies are updated for BfA. Right now they are a bit rougher than usual as we work on creating our “adaptive” strategies which are extremely accurate.

I don’t know what other sites are basing their stat suggestions on. I can tell you that we are basing our suggestions based on one of the higher DPS talent builds for the time being while we create more strategies for all the relevant talent combos.

We don’t really use “stat weights” for our gear rankings. We can tell you a trend of what stats are going to be best, but the optimizer “knows” about all the good stat combos available to you - even the ones that fall outside the more common trends.

In general: AMR is more accurate than other sites because we base our suggestions on a LOT more data.