Bomb dispenser seems to be undervalued or not ranked properly

I was comparing trinkets a bit on my demon hunter alt after i realised that amr seems to not like bomb dispenser even though i constantly see it doing well by people in my groups. Amr is telling me that Mutated Magmammoth Scale(437) is significantly better then Dragonfire Bomb Dispenser (421)
When i test this on a dummy however the damage the effect does on these two trinkets seems to be miles apart

Im aware that the magmammoth scale has alot more agility but the damage is about 3x more on the effect and this log example is just to show you an example, its always a very large difference in the two trinkets. Whats going on with the Bomb Dispenser?

In that log you are using a bomb roughly every 10-20 seconds… the spell data was a bit vague with the cooldowns and ICDs. It seemed to imply that you couldn’t get charges or use them that quickly.

I wasn’t able to test this particular trinket directly – how exactly does it work with the 30 second cooldown stated in the tooltip?

It seems like 60 crits would take a reasonably long amount of time to get another charge… but perhaps it charges up faster than the data would suggest?

Its a 30 seconds cooldown for each charge and it can hold 3 charges. This means you can use a bomb then it goes on a 10 second cooldown before you can use it again. Every 60 crits it will just add a charge to the trinket irregardless of the trinket. If you only had the 30 seconds cooldown it should be 12 uses, which means that you get roughly 6 extra because of the “every 60 crits” right?

OK I see, so it can be used every 30 seconds and it can get extra charges from crits. The extra charge proc seems to have an ICD of 740ms… so I think best case you could get an extra charge every 45 seconds… but with your roughly 50ish percent crit rate across all abilities I’d expect an extra charge every 90 seconds on average. I can adjust the estimate in the next site update.

Good to see you found what it is that makes amr not value it as high as it should be. It seems to consistently be doing very high amount of damage on all agility characters. When is this next site update usually ?

The next update will be the 10.1.5 patch on Tuesday – there are a ton of changes so we have frozen the code until that update.