Bonereaver's edge as bis for Ally warrior!?

Recently, something happened with the BiS function for classic.
My warrior gnome use the golminers helmet, and have always got a 1H axe recomended as MH, (most often Edge och chaos). However, today i got recomended bonereaver’s edge, and the same goes for my human warrior friend.

We are both specced fury, with no points in 2h specc.

Is this a bug, or have you guys discovered something new?


I fixed a couple of bugs I found in the warrior optimizer over the last couple of days. It has tweaked the weapon recommendations with certain combos of talents/buffs/consumables.

Basically - I had the off hand damage calculating too high due to a technical issue. Bonereaver’s Edge is a strong weapon in the current phase of classic - it won’t be recommended as BiS with all setups, though.

It has been very interesting making this tool for classic. We are seeing that the “accepted” BiS for the different classes are actually quite contingent on a set of fairly specific assumptions for the length of fight you are doing and which buffs/consumables you are making use of. Changing those variables can shift what is BiS a fair bit.

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there must be something else that has broken while you were tweaking. If i look att the upgrade function, it lists everything as a downgrade, even if i look at bis loot from Naxx. I cant use the tool at all for classic atm =/

If you press the “help” link next to the big Upgrade Finder section header, then press Create Support Post, and copy the generated snapshot ID here, we can look at your specific case to see what’s going on.

Here you go:
Upgrade finder: dce12dfd164b434e846c1b7a89fe1fce
Best in slot: 94f895c88b5f4ec080cf0d6d7433b1c4

Yeah something strange got cached for your case it seems… try the following:

Go to Best in Bags, and change any setting, e.g. toggle “Use Recklessness”, then optimize. Then go back to setup and change your settings back to what you want them to be. That will ensure that nothing is cached and that it has recalculated everything.

Now try the Upgrade Finder again – everything should look fine now.

Re-importing your character from our in-game addon is another way to clear your cache as well. Sometimes things like this can happen if we make changes to the optimizer scoring function and something gets cached just before/as the site is updated, but re-importing or re-optimizing with different settings clears it up.