Bonus Roll for seal of broken fate?

Is the bonus roll feature still available for Ask Mr. Robot? I want to know if Ask Mr. Robot can tell me the best places to use my seal of broken fate.

Yeah – it is in the Upgrade Finder. First make sure you have done and set up Best in Bags per your preferences (works better if you do that first), then go to Upgrade Finder section and press the button. Takes a few seconds, when it returns, choose Bonus Rolls in the Search Type picker.

It is very similar to the WoD version, but a bit more powerful. Your global filters/options (accessed via the funnel-like icon in top/center of main toolbar) can control what shows up in the upgrade finder. You can also type all sorts of things in the textbox right above the search result list to do advanced filtering. “Smart Mode” is a special thing for Legion because there are so many different item variations. If the base version of an item is not good, it will upgrade it to the least-rare version that actually is an upgrade, and then estimate how rare that is. You can then set a threshold if you like, which effectively means “don’t show me stuff that is so rare I will probably never get it, like a titanforged +50 with a socket.”

A few examples of useful things you can type in the free-form search box: “sets” to only show set items, or “mastery” to see only items with mastery, or “nethershards” to see only items you can buy with nethershards, “relic,holy” to see only holy relics.

All gear from all sources are combined in the “all items” search too, useful for comparing items from different sources to each other.

Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for.