Bonus Rolls for... Nothing?

Quick visual confusion/bug. I have a character that’s fairly maxed out on gear, at least for the content I plan to run (no Mythic Nighthold, and no ToS yet). Naturally, Upgrade Finder doesn’t have a ton of options/suggestions for me. What’s confusing is it’s showing bosses I should roll on for bonus rolls, but can’t tell me any items that they drop that are upgrades:

It’s not a big deal, but it seems like some kind of edge case that may be worth cleaning up.

The issue is probably that you have filtered them out with your rarity filter. It is estimating that there is a good but rare drop on some of those bosses. You can’t not have a chance at a rare drop when bonus rolling. But the UI lets you hide them if you consider them too rare to care about.

At least, I think that’s what is happening… let me know if changing the rarity filter shows items and retains the same boss order.

Ah, yup, that’s what’s happening. That said, it feels like if I’m saying “I don’t want you to advise me on things with over X rarity”, it should just not show any bosses that ONLY have drops above that rarity. In this case, I’ve said I only care about Medium or higher chances, but it’s still telling me I should roll on people who have nothing for me at medium or higher chance.