Boon of the Archon trinket only simming at about half effectiveness

I did a sim to test out some trinkets and saw that the Boon of the Archon trinket was simulating significantly worse than other trinkets of similar item level. When I went to check the spell, I found that the the damage reduction buff that it is using to replace the vers buff was only considered to last 10 seconds. While yes, if only orb is picked up every proc then it would only give ten seconds, if you are playing optimally then you can almost double that. To do this, you pick up one orb right as the trinket procs, wait just under 10 seconds when the orbs are about to despawn, and then pick up a second orb, doubling the duration of the buff if you are perfect. Doing this actually perfect is incredibly difficult however, especially in the heat of battle, so I usually only average about 17 seconds instead of the full 20, but regardless, it should not be simulated as just 10 seconds. One possible way of simulating it is giving different amount of up time on the buff depending on how optimized you selected your rotation to be, though I don’t know if there is a technical limitation restricting to only being able to handle one possible uptime. Again, however, the buff should definitely be simulated at more than 10 seconds.

Edit: btw, one person picking up one orb gives the vers buff to the WHOLE PARTY, not just the one who picked it up.

We have the 4 orbs picked up by 4 different (random) players, so right now the simulator gets maximum uptime (but usually not on the player who has the trinket). We could instead change it to have the player pick up 2 of the orbs for some shortened uptime… but I think overall the total value of the trinket will be comparable to what we are doing in the simulator.

If you feel strongly that the trinket is better than we are ranking it - you can use the customize section of the optimizer to increase the value of the trinket by some factor you deem appropriate. Let us know if you need help with that.