Brewmaster 4T28 mistake?

So I noticed that mr robot seemed to actively avoid the 4 set tier bonus for my brewmaster spec? Equipped to get the 2 set, and when I kept locking in more pieces it kept unequipping tier pieces to stay at 3/5.

Like in this example (Snapshot ID 27b36a56b769425480b537087c06a7ac), it prefers to drop 20 item levels to stay away from the 4set bonus… This seems very weird to me as the 4 set bonus seems very powerful for damage, seeing how Keg Smash is our highest damage ability by far. So I tried to see if I moved the strategy all the way over to DPS and the behaviour looked the same…

So I had a look in the theory wiki and had a look at the 4T28 set bonus.

The code for the healing seems to be correct, I don’t see anything that would limit the health increase to cap out at 10 stacks of keg of the heavens, but not sure if that would have any effect. But the obvious thing is that the damage multiplier for keg smash is 0.5 when I would assume it should be 1.5?


The damage multiplier is correct. It’s a 50% multiplier. Which then multiplies by 1.5 - that’s how we enter it into the wiki so that it matches the game data.

I’ll look into why the optimizer is not picking the 4 piece bonus in this case… it seems like it definitely should, based on a few spot simulation checks I did.

I think that the thresholds for the toughness slider are a bit misaligned for brewmaster… if you e.g. set it to All DPS, it goes for the 4pc (perhaps a little too aggressively, but most people won’t mind that). Once you ask it to get some toughness, it is heavily favoring things to increase your toughness even with the slider set to mostly DPS.

Dropping a lot of ilvls to get the set bonus in your case isn’t a great choice for toughness, so that makes sense… the higher armor/stamina from higher ilvl gear is probably better than the set effect. But at “mostly DPS” it should be pretty heavily favoring the set bonus for the damage, so we’ll try to tweak that.

Hmm I did a very scientific experiment and compared my own monk with the set bonus and without it by replacing the gloves with gloves of the same itemlevel and (weirdly) almost the same stats. And clearly the healing/increased health is increasing the survivability a lot.
And the DPS increase also tells me the damage increase is working of course.

As for the effectiveness of the 4 set in terms of tankyness, I was thinking if something else could underperform. The heal can procc Celestial Fortune as far as I understand, and that seems true in the sim too

As for the health increase. Seems in game like each target hit gives the health increase as a stack and refreshes the duration, but is capped at 10 stacks, so I assume new hits pushes older hits out, so effectively health is increased by 66% of the last 10 hits. From looking at the wiki, I assume it just replaces the previous value of the buff, which means health increase is 66% of the last cast. Which in a scenario where it hits 10 targets would be the same, but otherwise the health increase is too low?
I’ve tried to look at sim logs but I’m having a hard time figuring out how much health I should have with usage of Fortifying brew etc…

I’ve been standing around punching target dummies for evet and quite often the health increase is a lot more than the healing?

Seems like the health increase is more if the keg crits?

Something is increasing the health increase but I don’t know what it is…